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About The Bank

About the First Bank of Bancroft

A brief history of the First Bank of Bancroft

1884 – Present
The Bank opened for business on April 14, 1884, under the name of The Bank of Bancroft. It became The First National Bank of Bancroft on September 10, 1907. The bank converted to a state charter on December 22, 2014 and became the First Bank of Bancroft.

The Bank of Bancroft was first housed in a small building one-half block north of the present premises. The present bank building was built in 1917 and the grand opening was held January 12, 1918. The present building has been remodeled several times and in 1974 an addition was added which doubled the size of the bank.

The First Bank of Bancroft has had only six Presidents during the history of the bank. J. E. Turner, 1884-1917; John Hermelbracht, 1917-1947; Claus F. Peters, 1947-1957; J. G. Hermelbracht 1957 – 1982; Frank Hermelbracht 1982 – 2008; and Len Hermelbracht 2008 to present. Len is the fourth generation of the Hermelbracht family to be President of the bank in its over-130 year history.

The present officers of the bank are: Len Hermelbracht, President; Donna Browning, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer; Mike Horn, Vice President ; Derek Anderson, Loan Officer; Lori Archer, Cashier and Compliance Officer; and Jenny Gatzemeyer, Teller and Customer Service Representative.

The present directors are: Len Hermelbracht, Jane Spence Peters, Charlotte Lewis, Leslie Gatzemeyer, and Mike Horn.

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